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A white, middle-aged man who seems to be of no harm to anyone.
Clarence Boddicker, ESQ.

Clarence Boddicker

When my career as a corporate fixer got to be a pain in the neck, I changed gears.
Now I enjoy cycling, cheering on the Detroit Tigers (I never miss a game!) and lending a hand in the community wherever I can. 
Just remember that the private sector doesn’t care whether or not you can fly.

A middle-aged white executive in a suit and tie, trustworthy and responsible.
Dick Jones, MBA

Dick Jones

During my stint at the helm at Omni Consumer Products, I tried to better society while providing exceptional shareholder value.
But after being ventilated and defenestrated by that wayward man-machine, I realized I was on the wrong track. Now, I read Marx and try to convince people to take public transit.